Things you should know before you subscribe.

xbtitFM pros:

  • It will make your life easier
  • There is no programming skill required
  • You are able to easily enable/disable hacks in a single click
  • You can personalize the look of your site thanks to the template system
  • All hacks fully utilize the language system (No hard coded language).
  • You are able to add Blocks or Modules
  • Dedicated support in our xbtitFM Support Forum
  • Regular updates (core and hacks)
  • Very low fee

Yearly Subscription

You can make yearly subscription here, the cost is

  1. €50 (EUR) First year subscription
  2. €40 (EUR) Second year subscription renewal
  3. €30 (EUR) Third year subscription renewal

Once you subscribe be aware it may take up to 24 hrs.for your account to the Support Forums to be made & emails sent to download our script. Send an email to with a user name to get your account made on the forum.

When you subscribe to xbtitFM you know and agree that no refund can be done since our product is downloadable and without encryption
so we can’t limit the use of it after the payment and download.

Make sure you check your spam folders before you contact us that you didn’t get any emails!!!

Once your a subscriber & logged into the forum you will be issued a license code to install the script & be able to get bugfixes & new versions as they are made.

If you don’t renew your subscription you can still use the script but you won’t get any bugfixes or new versions as they are made.