xbtit 3.x

This system was created by our developers after a long experience on working in the bittorrent world and most of them begin to collaborate already when we released btit 1.x.

xbtit 3.x

With this open source script you can customize it as you see fit.There is hundreds of hacks you can install.

xbtitDC 3.x

One of the best advantages for this version is, you can still install more hacks and the source is NOT encrypted.

xbtitDCC 3.x

xbtitDC includes a full installer & has 92 pre installed hacks, so installing it is just as easy as installing xbtit, no Truebug or ioncube needed, no heavy servers, so keep your hobby cheap and easy.

xbtitFM 4.x

A lot of the hacks included in xbtitFM 3.x are enhanced versions of those you may find for the regular version of xbtit.

xbtitFM 4.x

xbtitFM is the best and easiest way to setup a complete bittorrent tracker system with 191 pre installed hacks you will be able to enable/disable only with a couple clicks!

You’ll be able to use it even if you not a php guru or a server’s expert, the main requirements for it’s use are:

  • Web server with root access (VPS or Dedicated Server)
  • Web server with Memcache installed
  • Apache or Lighttpd or nginx
  • MySQL Latest MariaDB
  • php (7.2 or better)
  • enthusiasm!

Main features are:

  • Works on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc
  • Complete users system
  • Complete torrent control
  • Internal forum, smf 2.x integration.
  • Admin Control Panel
  • User Control Panel
  • Many styles
  • Securized signup with captcha
  • Users Groups management
  • Security Suite
  • etc.