Founded by Lupin in September 2004 the Btiteam Development Group is about popularizing filesharing by making it easy to operate a bittorrent tracker.

We are a diverse community, there are 16 different language forums on our home site. The forums are busy for a niche development group with several thousand unique visits per day. We believe we are the sector leaders Over the years coders have come and gone but today we have some very talented and energetic people on the team.

We want our code to be the very best available, it is a competition for us, call us fanatical There is always a next big project in planning, one in the making, and private hacks and modifications in hand for the current revision.

Our code is highly customizable, there are many major sites using our code, we design it that way Coders, hackers, designers, publishers, experienced or otherwise, you are welcome to visit us at btiteam.eu


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