xbtitFM is the best and easiest way to setup a complete bittorrent tracker system, you will ba able to add/remove feature only with a single click!

You’ll be able to use it even if you not a php guru or a server’s expert, the main requirements for it’s use are:

  • Web server with root access (VPS or Dedicated Server)
  • Web server with Memcache installed
  • Apache or Lighttpd or nginx
  • MySQL Latest MariaDB
  • php (7.2 or better)
  • enthusiasm!

Main features are:

  • Works on Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac, etc
  • Complete users system
  • Complete torrent control
  • Internal forum, smf 2.x integration.
  • Admin Control Panel
  • User Control Panel
  • Many styles
  • Securized signup with captcha
  • Users Groups management
  • Security Suite
  • etc.