xbtit is a bittorrent tracker website software for web publishing and content distribution template system,

Easy personalization of the webfront choice of tracker systems:

Standard PHP tracker, for low volume sites or no access to system root, or xbtt C++ tracker, for high volume with low overhead choice of forums standard internal forum, the easy option, or Simple Machines Forum (smf) or IPB 3.X for the community preferring more features external mail server support,

Host the tracker on a home PC without a mail server 'one click hack installer', you do not need to be a PHP guru to personalize your tracker 'one click modification installer', easily install major modifications to your site AJAX shoutbox, auto-refreshing chat AJAX polls, nice touch basic cache system, lower system load extensive admin control panel, control everything from the frontend, now includes MySQL utilities and reporting upgrade script from previous versions (btit v1.4.*) easy step by step installer


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